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Parent powered, kid inspired.
ParentLab™ is dedicated to developing innovative, high quality baby products that are lovingly designed.

ParentLab™ is creating a community of parents - moms and dads creating and sharing new product ideas - to make all parents' lives easier. We created this first product, the journeyBee, which allows parents to breath deeper everyday. The next products may come from you or someone you know in the ParentLab™ community who provides or helps to select the next idea. After our parents chose the next kid-inspired product, ParentLab™ will lovingly engineer and bring it to life. If this is music to your ears you'll want to stay tuned to hear what happens next!

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ParentLab Network

ParentLab™ Network is a new community of parents innovating, and manufacturing high quality baby products inspired by our own kids. Thousands of dollars in ParentLab™ Grants will reward contributing parents for submitting their inspired ideas when chosen for actual production and manufacturing.

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